About Commercial EPC's

Energy Performance Certificates


All commercial buildings in the UK are required by law to have a commercial energy performance certificate (or commercial EPC). This document acts as a provable measure of a building's energy efficiency, providing a rating which indicates its impact on the environment.

Commercial EPC ratings form a large part of this country's commitment to preventing global warming, having been introduced as a direct result of an EU directive. The UK has pledged to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20% in time for 2020, with initiatives such as the awarding of commercial energy performance certificates having an important role to play.

A commercial energy performance certificate work in much the same way as a residential EPC, assessing properties on factors such as the materials used in their construction and the degree of insulation they have. Once all this has been taken into account, a grade is given from A to G, along with advice on how to improve a building's rating. This can lead to significant savings for commercial property owners.

Due to the vastly varying nature of commercial buildings, the process of obtaining a commercial EPC can be complicated but you can be assured that at Cumbrian Energy Assessors we will provide you with all the information to ensure that you receive the highest standard of service.